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    Welcome to the most complete professional MIDI backing site on the web. With thousands of top name MIDI songs, you've come to the right place!

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    A & D K Logistics (Pvt) Ltd., moved into active operations in January 2009, as an organization offering various logistic solutions to our customers.

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Logo & Identity Design

Your logo is more than your name, it’s your brand. We can help establish a modern, professional look for your new business with our logo & identity design services.

Graphic Design

Thinking about having a campaign to promote your products/services? Want to get a flyer or banner designed so this is what we want to tell you.

Web Design

We have a design philosophy that emphasizes a high-quality, professional look with ease-of-use in mind. The ultimate goal of every website is converting visitors into clients or paying customers.


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Our Latest Projects

Web designing is not just a profession. It's an Art. And we believe that only a great artist can create a world class Website for you. LikeThis. . .


Why Do we Need a Website...?

No matter how big or small your business. If you want to take it into the world, you've just gonna need a website and we can make it happen for you. Me and My Team doing IT Solutions, Advertising, Event Promotion & Coordinating, Creative Constructions, Art & Graphics, Audio & Video Production and so many others but we're mainly doing Web Designing & Developing. We have well experienced, small but very talented team with SMART ideas. We are in the IT field since 2004. if you're looking for a person or team for your job..? you've just found them.    

Kunkuma Geeth, Sanhinda Lanka